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HDFC Mutual Fund

HDFC Asset Management Company Limited

About HDFC Mutual Fund

The HDFC Mutual Fund, occasionally referred to as the HDFC Bank Mutual Fund, is one of the leading mutual fund corporations in India. The brand backing it is, of course, the much renowned HDFC or the Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. Particularly, the HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd., which was launched in December of 1999 as a joint venture (JV) between the Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited and the Standard Life Investments Ltd.

The HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd. has been approved by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to act as the AMC (Asset Management Company) for the HDFC Mutual Fund. As of January 2020, HDFC AMC is the second largest of the mutual funds in India, with an AuM (Assets under Management) of Rs. 3.79 lakh crores. Within equity assets, HDFC Mutual Fund is once again one of the major players with the HDFC AMC’s assets worth Rs. 1.54 lakh crore; when it comes to debt assets, HDFC MF currently holds the first spot among all Indian MFs, with an AuM of Rs. 1.99 lakh crore.

How to Invest in HDFC Mutual Funds?

  1. Log in to your Mobikwik account. In case you don’t already have one, sign up for one right now!
  2. Complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process.
  3. Upload your valid documentation and identity proofs as per requirements.
  4. Select the best HDFC Mutual Fund according to your investment criteria, risk appetite and duration.
  5. If you want to make a lump sum investment, click on the ‘Buy Now’ option. And if you’re starting a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), select ‘Start SIP’.

You’re all set! Now only wait for your HDFC Mutual Fund investment to appear on your Mobikwik account, which it should within 4 working days tops.

Documents Required to Invest in HDFC Mutual Fund

You’ll find all the documents needed to complete the KYC procedures listed below:

  1. Proof of identity: - A scanned copy of your photo PAN card is enough, but if you have a non photo pan card, submit a copy of that with a copy of your driver’s license/ passport/voter ID/bank photo passbook.
  2. Proof of address (any one of the following) -
    1. Aadhaar card
    2. Passport copy
    3. Voter ID
    4. Driving License

Types of Fund Offered by HDFC Mutual Fund

HDFC Mutual Fund offers debt, equity, hybrid, and multiple solution-oriented funds. The general run time of these MFs can be short, medium, or long. Here we have listed ten of the topmost mutual fund schemes HDFC provides, but keep in mind ultimately you’d be the one to determine the best HDFC mutual fund suited for you based on your goals, risk-absorbing capacity, and investment horizon.

Top 10 HDFC Mutual Funds:

  1. HDFC Gold Fund: The objective of this gold fund is to provide similar returns to that provided by gold itself. Placed among the high risk mutual funds, this one has shown a return of 6.16% since it sailed off in 2011.
  2. HDFC Top 100 Fund: This HDFC MF invests in large-cap companies, with only SIP available as an investment route. Rated as high risk, the HDFC Top 100 fund has delivered an impressive 18.19% returns annually as of 2019, since its launch in 1996.
  3. HDFC Money Market Fund: Bonds with a maturity period of up to one year are what Money Market debt funds invest in; the risk with these funds is moderately low. The returns for the HDFC MM Fund have approximately 7.5% since its inception in 1999.
  4. HDFC Retirement Savings Fund (Hybrid-Debt Plan): This one invests around 25% of your money in equity shares and the remaining 75% in bonds. Suitable for those okay with taking fairly high risks, fund returns have remained 8.17% since the fund was started in 2016.
  5. HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund: These funds have run times usually ranging up to five years and more. Fund returns since inception in 1994 have remained over 17% as of 2019.
  6. HDFC Short Term Debt Fund: You’ll be investing primarily in bonds maturing within a period of anywhere between one to three years. This one has delivered returns of 8.93% in 7 years since it’s launch in 2010.
  7. HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund: Among the debt fund categories, this one is one of the riskiest MFs. HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund began its journey in 2014 and produced appreciable returns of 8.86% annually over the next 6 years.
  8. HDFC Low Duration Fund: As you may have already gathered from the title, this one invests in bonds with a maturity period of 6 to 12 months. Among the low-risked MFs, this one has delivered healthy returns of 8.5% annually as of 2019.
  9. HDFC Corporate Bond Fund: With this one, your money gets invested in high-yield corporate bonds. You’ll be taking a medium risk with your investment. The returns have remained 9.10% since it set sail in 2010.
  10. HDFC Index Fund- SENSEX Plan: This one is among the longer running and high-risked funds from HDFC. It has exhibited solid returns of nearly 14% in 18 years since its inception in 2002.

  • incorporated
  • CEO / MD
    Mr. Milind Barve
  • Address
    Ramon House, 3rd Floor, H.T Parekh Marg, 169, Backbay Reclamation, Churchgate
    Mumbai - 400020
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Registrar & Transfer Agent
    Computer Age Management Svcs
    New No.10, Old No.178, Kodambakkam High Road, Opp. Hotel Palmgrove, Nungambakkam
    Chennai - 600 034
    Tamil Nadu
  • Auditors
    S. R. BATLIBOI & Co Express Tower, 6th Floor,Nariman Point,Mumbai
    Mumbai - 400021

Total Net Assets of HDFC Mutual Fund as of March 2018 - 277,736cr

HDFC Mutual Fund - Estimated fund Flows for March 2018

Frequently Asked Questions on HDFC Mutual Fund

Which is the Best HDFC mutual fund?

You are in the best position to pick the HDFC MF that fits you just right. All you need to do is ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What are you hoping to get out of this investment?
  2. If you are fine with taking risks, are you ready to jump straight to a high risk MF or try a moderately low risk one?
  3. How long are you willing to wait for your expected returns?

Once you have your answers, it should be clear which is the best HDFC mutual fund for you. For example, if you have decided to go for a moderate risk MF, the HDFC Corporate Bond Fund is the one worth considering. Okay with taking a high risk and don’t mind waiting for a fairly long time for the desired results? Look into the HDFC Index Fund-SENSEX Plan!

Is HDFC Mutual Fund good?

HDFC Mutual Fund is the second-largest mutual fund corporation in India as of 2020. It has a huge pool of content investors and an experienced fund management team behind it and all of the MF Funds on offer are known for coming up with great return percentages annually. So if its MF schemes fit your preferences, you should certainly go ahead.

How can I check my HDFC Mutual Fund status?

You can check your HDFC MF status through your MobiKwik Money dashboard. Just log in to your MobiKwik Money account. Your MF dashboard lets you check and track your HDFC MF status with ease. For any other queries, you can always get in touch with HDFC Bank Mutual Fund customer care.

How is HDFC Top 200 Fund?

The HDFC Top 200 Fund is probably one of the oldest funds in the country. The annualized return percentage since its launch has been 23%. In the past five years, the fund has shown steady growth in returns and has delivered a quite sturdy performance, with the yearly HDFC mutual fund returns remaining a few paces ahead of the category average.

How can I get capital gains statements for HDFC Mutual Fund Investments?

Follow these quick and easy steps to retrieve your HDFC mutual fund online capital gains statements:

  1. Log in to your MobiKwik account and click on your name from the menu on the top-right menu.
  2. Click on the Reports option.
  3. Refer to the Capital Gains Statement section where you will find your HDFC Mutual Fund investments.

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HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes

NAME RATING Category Nav EXP Ratio Assets 1y 3y 5y
HDFC Arbitrage Fund Wholesale Plan Growth Option Direct Plan Others 18.82 0.41% 13,129 cr 8.39% 6.31% 5.67%
HDFC Asset Allocator Fund of Funds Direct Growth Balanced 17.46 0.11% 3,127 cr 27.07% 17.22%
HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund Direct Plan Growth Option Balanced 543.429 0.73% 89,903 cr 42.49% 25.38% 20.75%
HDFC Banking & Financial Services Fund Direct Growth Equity 16.522 0.56% 3,628 cr 26.50% 17.72%
HDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund Direct Plan Growth Option Debt 22.066 0.39% 6,013 cr 7.57% 5.84% 6.99%
HDFC Capital Builder Value Fund -Direct Plan - Growth Option Equity 800.632 0.99% 7,313 cr 47.47% 23.43% 21.52%
HDFC Childrens Gift Fund Direct Plan(Lock-in) Balanced 316.503 0.92% 9,444 cr 29.55% 18.89% 19.89%
HDFC Corporate Bond Fund -Direct Plan - Growth Option Debt 30.5928 0.35% 29,024 cr 7.96% 6.02% 7.04%
HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund Direct Plan Growth Option Debt 23.8749 0.96% 7,859 cr 7.91% 6.42% 7.83%
HDFC Dividend Yield Fund Direct Growth Equity 27.108 0.58% 5,618 cr 50.49% 28.86%
HDFC Dynamic Debt Plan - Direct Plan - Growth Option Debt 91.3435 0.73% 686 cr 8.50% 5.89% 7.43%
HDFC Dynamic PE Ratio Fund of Funds- Plan A - Direct Growth Plan- Growth Balanced 42.5428 0.23% 46 cr 24.33% 16.12% 16.39%
HDFC ELSS TaxSaver -Direct Plan - Growth Option Equity 1442.146 1.13% 15,674 cr 49.06% 27.37% 21.64%
HDFC Equity Savings Fund -Direct Plan - Growth Option Balanced 69.883 0.99% 4,620 cr 19.25% 11.93% 12.07%
HDFC Flexi Cap Fund -Direct Plan - Growth Option Equity 2009.716 0.79% 59,123 cr 46.04% 28.00% 22.87%
HDFC Floating Rate Debt - Direct Plan - Growth Option Debt 47.0064 0.26% 14,524 cr 8.29% 6.41% 6.97%
HDFC Focused 30 Fund -Direct Plan - Growth Option Equity 239.191 0.51% 13,137 cr 46.39% 30.35% 23.74%
HDFC Gilt Fund Direct Plan Growth Option Debt 53.7216 0.46% 2,373 cr 8.18% 5.71% 6.08%
HDFC Gold Fund-Direct Plan-Growth Others 23.5562 0.18% 2,072 cr 23.35% 14.29% 15.46%
HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund Direct Growth Equity 26.001 1.22% 1,554 cr 61.77% 27.19% 21.48%
HDFC Hybrid Debt Fund Direct Plan Growth Option Balanced 82.5793 1.24% 3,232 cr 17.13% 11.47% 11.32%
HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund Direct Growth Option Balanced 123.852 1.02% 24,091 cr 23.69% 16.14% 16.84%
HDFC Income Fund -Direct Plan - Growth Option Debt 59.2869 0.80% 805 cr 7.92% 5.76% 6.10%
HDFC Index Fund Nifty 50 Plan-Direct Plan Equity 236.1062 0.20% 16,592 cr 26.97% 16.66% 17.08%
HDFC Index Fund Sensex Plan-Direct Plan Equity 757.8979 0.20% 7,365 cr 23.42% 16.09% 16.61%
HDFC Infrastructure Fund -Direct Plan - Growth Option Equity 54.186 1.21% 2,311 cr 75.83% 38.54% 25.56%
HDFC Large and Mid Cap Fund Direct Growth Equity 351.779 0.82% 21,459 cr 49.35% 26.98% 25.08%
HDFC Liquid Fund -Direct Plan - Growth Option Liquid 4845.824 0.20% 52,666 cr 7.35% 5.86% 5.23%
HDFC Low Duration Direct Plan Growth Option Debt 58.0188 0.45% 18,702 cr 7.87% 6.26% 6.71%
HDFC Medium Term Debt Fund Direct Plan Growth Option Debt 56.0836 0.59% 4,139 cr 7.80% 6.19% 7.21%
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund -Direct Plan - Growth Option Equity 203.417 0.76% 70,570 cr 54.10% 30.61% 29.55%
HDFC Money Market Direct Plan Growth Option Debt 5417.6751 0.23% 23,661 cr 7.65% 6.17% 6.16%
HDFC Multi - Asset-Direct Plan - Growth Option Balanced 73.642 0.82% 3,141 cr 25.72% 15.59% 17.05%
HDFC Multi Cap Fund Direct Growth Equity 19.844 0.55% 15,564 cr 51.56%
HDFC NIFTY50 Equal Weight Index Fund Direct Growth Equity 17.4975 0.40% 1,235 cr 37.68%
HDFC NIFTY Next 50 Index Fund Direct Growth Equity 17.3397 0.30% 1,566 cr 67.02%
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund - Equity Plan - Direct Plan Balanced 56.051 0.67% 5,557 cr 39.56% 23.78% 25.73%
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund - Hybrid Debt Plan - Direct Plan Balanced 22.8884 1.03% 159 cr 14.41% 9.85% 10.13%
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund - Hybrid Equity Plan - Direct Plan Balanced 42.398 0.93% 1,495 cr 29.35% 17.51% 18.96%
HDFC Short Term Debt Fund -Direct Plan - Growth Option Debt 30.3904 0.40% 13,080 cr 7.83% 6.09% 7.19%
HDFC Small Cap Fund-Direct Growth Option Equity 155.516 0.67% 31,523 cr 43.17% 26.74% 28.66%
HDFC Top 100 Fund -Direct Plan - Growth Option Equity 1222.25 1.04% 35,435 cr 37.09% 22.31% 18.26%
HDFC Ultra S/T Fund Direct Growth Debt 14.405 0.36% 13,445 cr 7.56% 6.03% 6.06%