Gold Investment in India

Gold investment has been one of the oldest yet the most efficient and favorable mode of investment for Indian. Gold in India has been passed down from generation to generation in most of the cases.

Everyday gold prices are on a rise and many people are shifting their focus from fixed deposits, real estate investment, Mutual Funds, share market to actually invest in gold because of the high return on investment value.

Not only this, it is important for any investor to broaden their investment portfolio in order to decrease the risk factor and gold again due to its higher ROI, plays a very important role here.

Types of Gold Investment Plans

There are several gold investment plans, one can opt from to invest in gold and widen their investment portfolio.

  • Physical Gold:

    Gold investment in physical form can be of several types like
    • Gold Coins:

      Gold coins can be bought from jewelers, banks, non-banking finance companies. The government has launched gold coins, which will have the National emblem of Ashoka Chakra engraved on one side and Mahatma Gandhi on the other.
    • Gold Jewelry:

      Beautiful gold jewelry in another form of investment of gold in India. Although making charges on a gold jewelry set can be costly and might reduce your overall return on investment.
  • Digital Gold:

    Several non-banking finance companies like MobiKwik offer the option of investing in gold to its users. The process is nothing, all a user has to do is log on to the app and under digital gold, enter the price they want the gold investment for and they receive the equivalent of that in their MobiKwik app.

How to invest in gold

Steps to invest in gold actually differs from mode to mode, as per your preference. For investing in physical gold, be it jewelry or a gold coin, all you need to do is contact your jeweler and they’ll be able to help you.

For investing in digital gold, the process is completely different. Just follow the below mentioned steps to invest in digital gold via MobiKwik

  • Open your MobiKwik app and click on ‘Gold’ under ‘Manage your Money’ section
  • Now click on ‘Buy Gold’
  • Enter the amount you want to make the gold investment for & the system will fetch the equivalent gold amount
  • Click on ‘Buy Now’ and make the payment with your desired payment mode

Why Should You Prefer Investing in Gold?

Investing in gold in India is always preferable because of many reasons. Indians have always relied on their gold to help them through tough times, if they come across any. Gold not only helps you through the financial distress, it also broadens your investment portfolio, among other things. Below mentioned are a few reasons why one should invest in gold.

  • Beat Inflation:

    When inflation is on the rise, prices of most of the currencies go down. Hence people hold money in the form of gold investment asset
  • Tangible Asset:

    Investment in gold is one of the most tangible assets, creating a perception of safety in the minds of investors. Investing in gold is way easier than other tangible investments like real estate. Gold investment is also very less likely prone to hacking and other misuse.
  • No lock-in period:

    Gold as an asset can be liquidated faster as compared to real estate or investments with lock-in periods like Mutual Funds. The money that you will receive will obviously depend upon the purity of the gold but in most of the cases, value will be higher than the original value.

Frequently Asked Questions on Digital Gold

Is investing gold a good idea?

Gold investment is always a good idea considering the returns one gets is always more than any fixed deposits. The return you get on your gold is relatively higher than your other investments thus it would help you beat the financial crisis, if you face any.

Is gold a good investment in India?

Yes. Other investment modes like Fixed Deposits offer very little return. Other investment modes are pretty high risk. But investment in gold is a good and safe alternative in India.

What is the best time to buy gold in 2020?

Year 2020 has shown us some very unpredictable and unprecedented days. Gold rate in India for the year 2020 are on a constant rise. But data shows that March is the month when gold prices are at their least. You can invest in gold in the month of March.