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Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

Mirae Asset Global Inv (India) Pvt. Ltd

Mirae means the future in Korean. Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. came under the spotlight in 1998 as it introduced the first mutual fund in Korea.The role of Mirae Asset Financial Group is to safeguard the assets of the future by applying the basic principles of discipline, ethics, and transparency today.

  • incorporated
  • CEO / MD
    Mr. Swarup Mohanty
  • Address
    Unit No.606, Windsor Building Off.,C.S.T Road, Kalina Santacruz E
    Mumbai - 400 098
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Registrar & Transfer Agent
    Karvy Fintech Pvt Ltd.
    "KARVY HOUSE",46, Avenue 4, Street No.1, Banjara Hills,
    Hyderabad - 500 034
    Andhra Pradesh
  • Auditors
    M/s. Chokshi & Chokshi
    101/102, Kshamalaya 1st Floor, 37, Sir V. Thackersey Marg,
    Mumbai - 400 020


Total Net Assets of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund as of March 2018 - 15,683cr

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund - Estimated fund Flows for March 2018

Frequently Asked Questions on Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

Which is the best Mirae Mutual Fund?

Ultimately you’d have to be the one to choose the best Mirae Mutual Fund scheme for yourself, but you can start by asking yourself these three questions first: What is your investment goal?. Can you take risks? If you can, do you want to invest in a high risk MF, or try a medium or low risk one instead? How long are you willing to wait for returns? Once you have answered these questions, it should be very easy for you to choose the best Mirae MF for yourself. For example, if you’re going long-term, Mirae Asset Bluechip Fund and Mirae Asset Largecap Fund are both great options.

Is it safe to invest in Mirae Asset MF?

With an investor base spread over 40+ countries, Mirae Asset Mutual Fund is one of the globally acclaimed mutual fund corporations. It has a fund management team consisting of highly qualified and well-experienced professionals, and all the mutual fund schemes offered by Mirae Asset MF so far have shown good yearly return percentages. So all facts considered, yes, it is quite safe to invest in Mirae Mutual Fund.

How do I check my Mirae Mutual fund status online?

You can check your Mirae Asset MF status through the Mobikwik website or app. Just log in to your MobiKwik account. Your Mobikwik Mutual Fund dashboard allows you to check and track your Mirae Asset mutual fund status with ease.

Is Mirae MF good?

Mirae MF has a major pool of happy investors and a fund management team consisting of accomplished and veteran professionals. The Mirae Asset Mutual Fund plans are known for their great yearly return percentages, plus they allow both lump sum investments and SIP. So if any of the Mirae Asset Mutual Fund schemes on offer suit your investment horizon, you should go for it without hesitation.

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Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Schemes

NAME RATING Category Nav EXP Ratio Assets 1y 3y 5y
Mirae Asset Arbitrage Fund Direct Growth Others 11.955 0.27% 529 cr 7.94% 5.53%
Mirae Asset Banking and Financial Services Fund Direct Growth Equity 16.472 0.66% 1,445 cr 15.59%
Mirae Asset Cash Management Fund Direct Plan Growth Liquid 2489.5559 0.12% 10,837 cr 7.10% 5.04% 5.27%
Mirae Asset Corporate Bond Fund Direct Growth Debt 11.3653 0.46% 59 cr 6.35%
Mirae Asset Dynamic Bond Fund Direct Growth Debt 15.4924 0.21% 196 cr 6.20% 3.99% 7.27%
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund Direct Plan Growth Equity 130.534 0.67% 28,104 cr 18.86% 21.86% 20.14%
Mirae Asset Equity Allocator Fund of Fund Direct Growth Balanced 19.436 0.28% 523 cr 13.26% 18.74%
Mirae Asset Equity Savings Fund Direct Growth Balanced 17.765 0.42% 724 cr 11.14% 12.24%
Mirae Asset Focused Fund Direct Growth Equity 22.38 0.61% 8,678 cr 9.10% 16.88%
Mirae Asset Great Consumer Direct Plan Growth Equity 87.849 0.48% 2,644 cr 25.84% 26.17% 19.59%
Mirae Asset Healthcare Fund Direct Growth Equity 29.938 0.58% 1,783 cr 26.19% 16.97% 23.20%
Mirae Asset Hybrid-Equity Fund -Direct Plan-Growth Balanced 29.271 0.41% 7,611 cr 12.50% 16.17% 14.58%
Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund Direct Plan Growth Equity 100.068 0.54% 34,377 cr 9.43% 16.93% 14.61%
Mirae Asset Money Market Fund Direct Growth Debt 1130.8681 0.29% 93 cr 7.05%
Mirae Asset Nifty 100 ESG Sector Leaders Fund of Fund Direct Growth Equity 14.84 0.66% 108 cr 6.70% 13.59%
Mirae Asset Savings Fund Direct Plan Growth Debt 2169.1232 0.32% 581 cr 7.10% 5.05% 5.90%
Mirae Asset Short Term Direct Growth Debt 14.5437 0.33% 354 cr 6.77% 4.84% 6.92%
Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund -Direct Plan-Growth Equity 41.443 0.66% 17,532 cr 15.59% 20.68% 19.15%
Mirae Asset Ultra Short Duration Fund Direct Growth Debt 1171.1477 0.23% 530 cr 7.30% 5.17%