What is digital gold

Digital Gold is a new age practice of buying 24K safe gold online. In times when you can not go out of the house to buy gold, making an online 24K safe gold purchase is the most preferable option. Investing in digital gold actually means you will buy gold online at real time prices, which will be stored in physical form by the Gold Custodian in secured vaults until the user redeems in physical form or sells back the gold to the custodian. A user can easily invest in Digital Gold with the help of MobiKwik app. The process to buy gold online is easy and secure. Afterall, every user wishes to buy safe gold on a secure platform.

How to buy gold online

Making an online gold purchase via the MobiKwik app is just a few steps procedure. With an assurance of a digital gold transaction, and 99.5% pure 24 carat safe gold purchase, MobiKwik is the best platform to invest in Digital Gold with. All you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps and make a gold purchase by buying gold digitally with the help of the MobiKwik app.

  • Tap on ‘Gold’ under Loans & Saving section in your MobiKwik app
  • Tap on ‘Buy Gold’
  • Enter the amount/quantity of digital gold you want to buy. The system will fetch the equivalent gold quantity/amount for it
  • Make payment through wallet or UPI

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Frequently Asked Questions on Digital Gold


Is it good to invest in digital gold?

With gold prices increasing everyday, it is a very marvellous opportunity to invest in digital gold or buy gold online. You don’t have to worry about security of the physical forms of the gold you buy. Since it’ll be an online gold purchase, you can sell it very easily and at real time price and no middleman fee. The purity of your digital gold is also assured.


How can I buy digital gold online?

You can buy digital gold online with the help of the MobiKwik app. All you have to do is open the MobiKwik app, Click on ‘Gold’ in ‘Loans & Savings’ section, buy digital gold for the amount you wish and make the payment. Your Digital Gold balance will reflect in your MobiKwik app and you can buy gold or sell digital gold as per your desire. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the purity of your gold buy because Digital Gold on MobiKwik is 99.5% pure.


What is the best website to buy gold?

MobiKwik is the best app for online gold shopping. On the MobiKwik app, you buy and sell digital gold at real time prices. MobiKwik is a very secure platform that keeps your investments safe. MobiKwik also ensures 99.5% digital gold purity, and ensures a safe gold transaction.


What is Digital Gold India?

Digital Gold India offers SafeGold, a product backed by private equity funds. The World Gold Council also has a few percent stake in the company. SafeGold is a digital platform that offers customers an organized and transparent method of buying vaulted 24K gold. All the gold meets the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) good delivery standards, with a defined quality standard of 995 parts per thousand of fine gold. Safegold has partnered with IDBI Trusteeship Services to secure customer’s gold, and store the gold with Brinks India, an independent custodian and market leader in gold custody management.