What is Gold Systematic Investment Plan (Gold SIP)?

Gold Systematic Investment Plan (Gold SIP) is nothing but another way of investing money. In Gold SIP, a user gets to invest a fixed amount of money regularly. A user as an investor buys digital gold on a regular basis (a specific date), it can be monthly, quarterly, etc. as per the investment plan. In easy terms, you are buying gold for a fixed amount of money, regularly.

You can start your gold sip on MobiKwik app. The process is completely automated, all you have to do is just mention the amount and select your investment period and plan. MobiKwik is a truly Indian payments app which also provides financial services like Mutual Funds and Digital Gold. These investments will help you broaden your investment portfolio and help you grow your assets for yourselves and your family.

What are the benefits of Gold Systematic Investment Plan (Gold SIP)?

There are several benefits of investing in gold sip or Gold Systematic Investment Plan. From widening your investment portfolio to starting investments small, Gold SIP offers you so much! Below mentioned are the benefits of investing in a Gold SIP.

  • Portfolio Diversification:

    To avoid putting all your eggs in one basket, Gold SIP offers you another opportunity to invest in something different and probably more beneficial than other investment modes out there!
  • Small Investments:

    Gold SIP offers you the benefit of investing small. Not everybody can afford investing high denominations and gold sip gives the freedom of micro-investments to the ones falling under the low income bracket.
  • Convenience:

    Since gold sip is all about investing without having to worry. A monthly date is fixed by the user and so is the amount, rest of the process is done by the facilitator which includes deducting the money from the wallet every month.

What is a Gold SIP Calculator?

Gold SIP Calculator is nothing but an online tool that will help you determine the amount of money one needs to invest to be able to invest in a particular amount of gold. Gold SIP calculator will help you figure out the amount of money you will have to invest to reach your dream gold collection.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gold SIP

What is gold SIP?

Gold SIP is a simple process for investing a fixed amount of money every month/ quarter/ year. Your invested money will fetch you the equivalent value of gold. The gold prices will be realtime only. It’s another form of investing money and growing your wealth. You can start your gold sip scheme on MobiKwik with just a click of a button.

Is Gold SIP good?

Yes! There are several benefits of investing in Gold SEO like portfolio diversification. Apart from fixed deposits that give you very little interest and share market that is extremely volatile, you get to invest in gold that is never going to go out of trend. Infact investing in gold is one of the safest investments there is. Gold Sip schemes are also very easy to maintain in the long run and allow you to invest for even small denominations as per your feasibility.MobiKwik facilitates gold sip schemes for its users. Download the app to check it out.

How do you make a SIP in gold?

Starting a gold sip for yourselves is very easy when done via the MobiKwik app. All you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Click on ‘Gold’ under ‘Manage your Money’
  • Click on ‘Start a new SIP’
  • Enter your savings amount and set your SIP schedule

That’s it! Now on the selected date of the month the amount shall be deducted from your MobiKwik wallet for buying gold at the price of the day.