Fund Recommendations

Best mutual funds to invest in 2017

At MobiKwik, we apply big-data science and analysis to come up with a short list of funds that can help you narrow down your investment choices from the hundreds of mutual funds available. We receive no commissions or kick-backs from Mutual Fund Companies for our recommendations — so you can be sure that our advice is honest — and in your best interest.


Equity Large Cap

Large cap diversified funds should form the core of your investment holdings.

Equity Flexi Cap

These funds are not biased towards either large- or mid-cap stocks but select stocks in their portfolio wherever they see investment opportunities.

Equity Small & Mid-Cap

Small and mid-cap focused funds are more volatile, but can often help boost overall returns of your portfolio. These are suitable for investors who have the ability to take on higher risk of losses.

Tax Saving Equity Funds (ELSS):

In order to reduce your tax bill, you can invest up to Rs 150,000 a year in Tax Saving (ELSS) funds under section 80C of the Income-tax Act.