Portfolio Pricing

Flat fee of


per Smart Portfolio per year.

Irrespective of amount invested.

Reason 1


We recommend a portfolio that's just right for you — based on your risk appetite, ability to take risk and investment horizon.



We do all the hard work, using powerful science and data analysis, to recommend the best funds for you.

Reason 3


We monitor your portfolio to make sure you're on track to reach your goals, and recommend periodic rebalances.

Pricing & Payments FAQ

What is a portfolio? How is it different from investing in one-time purchases/SIPs?

  1. A portfolio is a collection of mutual funds that is directly held by the investors and managed by us, Clearfunds. Each portfolio is constructed in accordance with the risk tolerance and investment objectives of our investors.
  2. An investment portfolio is different than a one-time purchase/SIP primarily because when you buy an investment portfolio, you invest in an assortment of mutual funds (average of 6 mutual funds per portfolio). The amount you invest in the portfolio is divided into the respective funds based on the Equity & Debt weightage the portfolio has. Whereas, on the other hand, in the one-time purchase/SIP, your investment amount is exclusive to the particular fund you are purchasing.

How do I buy a portfolio?

The option to buy a portfolio is available on your Dashboard. If you have never purchased a portfolio before, you will be led through a series of questions to help us understand your investment objective and risk appetite, based on which we will recommend a suitable portfolio to you.

Where did all my existing investments go? What is a Personal Portfolio?

Since we now provide portfolios on our platform, all your existing investments have been clubbed under a single portfolio called "Personal Portfolio". All new one-time and SIP investments will continue to be clubbed into the “Personal Portfolio”.

Do you charge me when I sell or switch my investments?

We don’t charge you for switching funds or selling your investments. We charged you once to get in, so we won’t charge you to get out. Fair's fair.

What are the different types of portfolios available at Clearfunds?

Based on your investment objectives and risk appetite, Clearfunds recommends its investors 5 types of Portfolios: Cautious, Steady, Balanced, Growth and Aggressive. As the name suggests, Cautious is a portfolio with the least risk and higher contribution to Debt funds, while Aggressive is a portfolio with high risk and higher contribution to Equity funds.

What are the charges for investing in a portfolio?

Our current portfolio charge is an annual flat fee of Rs. 999/- per year per portfolio (as of Dec 2017). Your first charge is debited from your bank account at the same time that your first investment in the portfolio is completed. Thereafter, every year, you will be charged the prevailing portfolio rate at the same date as your first investment in the new year.

Can I buy multiple portfolios?

Yes, you can invest in multiple portfolios. But you cannot invest in the same portfolio more than once. For eg. If you have already invested in a Growth portfolio, you cannot buy a separate Growth portfolio. Any additional purchases in an existing portfolio can be made through additional SIPs. There are no extra charges for additional investments in existing portfolios.

How often will you rebalance my portfolio?

We will typically rebalance portfolios once a year. When we do so, we will ensure we inform all customers of the same.

How does the Flexi-SIP option work for portfolios?

Similar to the way it currently works. There are two ways you can set-up SIPs via portfolio. When you decide to buy a portfolio, you can do a one-time investment of minimum Rs. 50,000 and set up SIPs of minimum Rs. 10,000 per portfolio. Another way to set up SIPs via portfolio is when once you have already purchased portfolios, you can start SIPs in those existing portfolios. You can directly set up SIPs from your Dashboard by clicking on the SIP button present on the respective existing portfolio section. You will not be changed any fees for setting up additional SIPs in the future in that particular portfolio.

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