Our Story

Kunal Bajaj

I quit my job as a stockbroker because I was appalled by how expensive it was to manage my own investments and frustrated by the lack of transparency in the wealth management industry. I was convinced that there had to be a better alternative. That was how Clearfunds was born.

We work for you.
Without charging you fat fees.

The idea is beautiful in its simplicity. Technology — and automating processes — lowers costs. By building a technology-driven investment advisor, we can eliminate the excesses — the fancy lunches, the plush offices, the overpaid staff — that investors like you end up paying for without even knowing it. And all that money we save is passed on to the people who have actually earned it — our customers.

We were disillusioned with a wealth management industry where professional investment advice is exclusive to the ultra-rich — and is often driven by how much commission the investment advisor is making under the table. There had to be a way to make high-quality investment advice available to everyone.

So at Clearfunds, we use powerful science and data analytics to build sophisticated algorithms that mine through millions of historical data points to come up with the best mutual fund recommendations.

Our advice will always be honest. It will be driven by what you need most to meet your financial goals. We will not give you investment advice that is driven by how much commission we stand to earn or the amount you are investing. Nor will we charge you a massive premium for the illusion of a personal relationship. Instead, we will help you meet your savings goals for a fee that is reasonable and fair.

Keep it simple.
This is investing as it should be.

We've cut through the clutter and the jargon to create a transparent system. You can find out how your investments are performing at any time – whatever the market conditions. You can get ratings and data on any mutual fund at the click of a button – for free. And you can change the investment decisions you are making for better ones. Investing your money should be stress-free – and it should give you peace of mind.

We’ve dramatically cut the cost of investing – and put more money in the pockets of our customers. Word of mouth remains the most powerful customer acquisition tool we have. And every satisfied customer is one more sign that we are doing something right. Our dream is to create a nation of investors. We hope you will spread the word and help us on our journey.

Kunal Bajaj

CEO & Co-founder, Clearfunds