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How an online investment advisor can offer more value

Who is the best person to give you financial advice? Your broker? The relationship manager at your bank? A financial planner? But have you considered that it might not be a human being at all?

It’s only natural for us to rely on human beings for advice. They can hand-hold us through our financial decisions, and it’s what we’re used to. But what a computer can do, is take the emotion out of investing – and that’s a good thing! And that’s why some of the world’s largest investment firms use computer-based programs to invest their money.

And if the geniuses at Goldman Sachs and Citibank are using algorithms to make investment decisions, why shouldn’t you?

That’s why we set up Clearfunds – to make the best possible investment advice accessible to all by using the latest available technology. Our computers dig through millions of historical data points on to arrive at the best mutual fund recommendations to help you meet your investment goals. And by automating everything we do, we can deliver this to you at the lowest possible price.

So why should you pick an online investment advisor or a “robo-advisor” like Clearfunds:

Firstly, a trustworthy human advisor is hard to find. When investors do find one, they’ve all too often been pushed or cheated into products that are too expensive or simply not right for them.

Why, you ask? That four letter word…


When is the last time your advisor clearly told you how much his services actually cost? Traditional financial advisors generally charge between 1% and 2% of your assets each year in exchange for managing your money. But this is money that is already yours – that you’ve worked hard to save and paid taxes on! Why should your advisor dip into your pocket each year to recommend a ‘long-term investment?’

A good investment advisor replaces this fat-fee with a flat-fee. How is this done? By using technology to crunch reams of financial data, by automating processes, and by eliminating the excesses – the fancy lunches, the plush offices, and the overpaid staff – that you, the investor, end up paying for without even knowing it.

At Clearfunds, we’ve created an open system, that gives you ratings and data on any mutual fund you may be interested in. We believe information should be available to all, to make the investment decisions that are right for them. You can access your account from anywhere by computer, tablet or mobile. Our easy to view statements and reports cover all aspects of your account. And all of your portfolio information is available at your fingertips. All this so you can take your own decisions, implement the suggestions of your investment advisor, or use our recommendations. It’s your money – we let you have the freedom to choose whichever investment method works best for you.

That’s our way – its the Clearfunds way.

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